Wholesale Hemp Products – The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Wholesale Hemp Products


So, you’re considering going into the wholesale hemp products business? This post will guide you through deciding which wholesale hemp products is the way to go, whether to choose hemp or marijuana-extracted CBD oil, how to choose the wholesale hemp products manufacturer, the products that are available, laws to understand, financing, and tips.


Why Wholesale Hemp Products Rather Than Another Product?


CBD oil is a natural, virtually side-effect free way to potentially manage a staggering number of ailments. We say “potentially”, because studies are still being conducted to prove the accuracy of people’s claims well enough to satisfy the FDA. Word of mouth and the results that have come in so far are very promising and more and more people all of the time are turning to CBD oil because they prefer natural healing options, when the side effects or risks of a traditional treatment make the traditional treatment impossible to utilize, or when the traditional treatment has failed to work for them.

This new industry is experiencing massive growth as more people discover there is a natural alternative for ailments they are struggling to manage. If you want to get in on the next big thing, this is it.


Wholesale Hemp Products vs Marijuana Products

Bulk CBD Oil Products

Yes, we used the “M” word. There are two kinds of CBD oil, ones made from hemp and ones made from marijuana. Both plants contain cannabidiol. That’s the substance that puts the “C” in CBD oil.

Cannabidiol is largely responsible for the health benefits marijuana is finally getting credit for providing. But hemp contains much more cannabidiol than marijuana does and without THC which causes psychoactive effects and more erratic effects. Marijuana is made up of much more THC than it is cannabidiol.

Some markets you might need to target would want either product and would completely avoid the other. So, it is important that you choose one option and make sure that is what you are purchasing.

THC is believed to be capable of providing many of the same benefits as cannabidiol, but it seems to be faster acting and to cause more potent reactions than cannabidiol. That sounds great, but don’t get too excited. THC may cause negative side effects and have adverse reactions. It also doesn’t have as long-lasting of an effect as cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol seems to have a stable, longer-lasting impact that is perfect for reliable results and particularly suited to those dealing with chronic issues. It is also not associated with any significant adverse reactions.

Customers who need fast results such as those suffering from seizures, do not have medical conditions that THC is likely to make worse, like some mental illnesses, and are not concerned about whether marijuana-based CBD oil is legal in all 50 states may be looking for marijuana-based CBD oil products.

Customers who can’t or won’t use a product containing an active amount of THC, need more consistent and reliable results, and need or want a product that is legal in all 50 states will be looking for a hemp-based CBD oil product.

Hemp is actually the more popular option as it is legal, more risk-free, and trusted to be as or more helpful than marijuana-based CBD oil products in most cases.


Choose the Right Wholesale Hemp Products Manufacturer


The CBD oil wholesale manufacturer you choose to purchase your bulk CBD oil from makes all the difference in whether your product is legal, safe, and worth associating with your name. Laws and regulations have not caught up to the growth of the CBD oil industry, so unscrupulous manufacturers are getting away with practices that are not safe or honest. It is possible to buy CBD oil that contains no actual CBD oil, has less CBD oil than it claims, or may have CBD oil in it but also contains toxic substances. You have to be vigilant to ensure you’re selling safe and high-quality products to your customers.

A safe CBD oil wholesale manufacturer will meet the following criteria.

They will be transparent, providing information online and/or on their packaging. You can’t know if they’re doing any of the other things we’re about to mention if they don’t disclose that information to you, and back it up.

Wholesale Hemp Products Source

Wholesale Hemp Products Farm

You need to know where they acquired their hemp, or marijuana. It is possible and okay for manufacturers to grow the plant themselves, buy it from someone else, or buy the extracted oil from someone else, as long as you can find proof of where the plant was grown. This is important because different countries have stronger and laxer agricultural regulations.

Taking their time

Some manufacturers value profit over quality. They might rush the harvest of the plant and/or use chemical pesticides and sell you a product that does not have its ideal potency or contains toxic chemicals.


The manufacturer should use the CO2 extraction method as it is safe and keeps the oil as pure as possible.


The bulk CBD oil products you purchase should include only natural or necessary artificial ingredients. A smaller number of ingredients is the first indicator that the products are probably safe. Look for that first, then research the ones that are listed so you know why they are there and whether they are something you really want associated with your brand.

Certain flavorings are the most likely and dangerous things you can expect to have to weed out in vape products. Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E acetate can not be in the bulk CBD oil vape products you buy. They sound safe enough as you might even find them in food, but they are not safe to inhale (which is exactly what people do when vaping) and cause illness.


Third-party testing proves that what is supposed to be in the product you’re purchasing is actually in there and that there aren’t surprising additions such as heavy metals or toxins. The wholesale hemp products manufacturer you choose should include third-party lab test results on their website for all of their products.


cGMP and ISO certification can prove to you that the facility the manufacturer uses to create their bulk CBD oil products is run safely and to meet consistent quality standards. An outside party evaluates the facility, processes, and management to ensure they match the most current standards. That is what the c in cGMP stands for, “current.”

Customer service

You can’t sell products to customers if the products aren’t in your store or if something is wrong with them. Make sure you can maintain your stock and fix problems quickly by choosing a wholesale hemp products manufacturer with great customer service. Research the company, look for reviews, and maybe even try out the customer service before committing to them.


Choose the Right Bulk CBD Oil Products


There is a dizzying number of bulk CBD oil products available today and more coming. This is both daunting and wonderful. Daunting needs no explanation. It is wonderful because you can meet the needs of customers with this vast array and distinguish yourself with your selection of wholesale hemp products.

CBD Full Spectrum Tincture

Full Spectrum CBD tinctures are one of the most common CBD oil products, and every wholesale hemp products business should offer at least one. They are CBD oil mixed with a carrier oil and often a flavoring (hopefully natural or terpene-based) and can be used to address almost all ailments CBD oil is used for. They also provide precise dose control.


CBD oil concentrates have been processed a little more to reduce them from full-spectrum CBD oil (cannabidiol mixed with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components of the hemp or marijuana plant) to isolated cannabidiol. Some contain only cannabidiol, while some retain some other cannabinoids. Some people swear concentrates are more effective for them than full-spectrum, but there is no science yet to prove why.

You might want to include a small number of them in your wholesale hemp products business for those who prefer them because they think they will work better or because they want to be 100% free of THC. With no concentrates available, you might exclude a customer base that you don’t want to exclude.

Vape juices

Vaping is one of the most popular ways to use CBD oil, though it has recently become quite controversial. You might or might not want to include them in your wholesale hemp products selection. The decision will depend on your location (whether there are bans that may limit or halt your plans) and your target market. The benefits of vaping are enjoyment and faster effect. Someone having a seizure, for instance, may be thankful for faster relief than they might get from using CBD oil in other forms.


Edible forms of CBD oil are both fun and easy. They come in gummy, chocolate, and many more forms and can add excitement and range to your wholesale hemp products selection. Some people who want to use CBD oil to potentially manage their chronic illness may find edibles a more effective way to get in the habit of taking CBD oil every day.


CBD oil is also often offered in topical forms like lotions and lip balm.

When applied to the lips, you get immediate skin benefits from applying it to the lips and it goes into the bloodstream for overall dosing.

Topically applying CBD oil on the body can target localized issues like relief without dosing yourself if you don’t want to.

There are so many more options too, like toothpicks, shampoos, and cosmetics. People add on more all the time. Mix and match bulk CBD oil products to appeal to your target market.


Entourage effect


Full-spectrum CBD oil is the most popular and considered most effective form of CBD oil because the combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients work together to heighten the effect. This is called the entourage effect.

Nature did put these substances together. It makes sense that we may want to leave them that way.




Terpenes are so important for you to be knowledgeable about that they deserve their own section. They are substances in plants that, depending on the plant and the terpene, provide a myriad of benefits to the plant and also benefit us. Some terpenes provide additional potential health benefits and some act as natural and safe flavorings.

You might want to choose wholesale hemp products made with only terpene-based flavorings.

It is also possible for manufacturers to leave-in or add terpenes to their CBD oil to create a targeted formula to potentially offer particular benefits.

You should be mindful of terpenes when choosing your wholesale hemp products manufacturer, reading third-party lab test results, and defining your product selection.


Reseller’s License


Wholesale hemp products, like all wholesale, requires a reseller’s license. This is a formality to keep taxes straight. Research the rules and processes for the license in your state.


Know the Laws


FDA and medical claims

The FDA doesn’t allow anyone to promise that CBD oil treats any ailment aside from epilepsy. They haven’t proven its effectiveness yet, so it is not legal for us to advertise products in that manner. It would also not be safe. Results cannot be guaranteed without more testing, so customers shouldn’t be led to believe that they are. There is potential for miraculous benefits, according to experiences people already claim to have, but the details are unclear, and customers should know that.

Smoking laws

The legal smoking age in the United States has recently changed to 21. This means that if you intend to sell Full Spectrum CBD vape products with your wholesale hemp products business, you have to take appropriate actions to prevent those under the age of 21 from purchasing the products.

Vape bans

Some states have banned vaping altogether, for anyone of any age.

You may be wondering why vaping is being treated in this manner. It is because vaping recently alarmed many people because harmful chemicals some manufacturers were including in their products were found to be causing an illness in users: VAPI or vaping associated pulmonary illness. Many bans were put in place to tackle this issue.

Because the cause of VAPI is believed to be related to additives, some states have just banned those additives. These are often called “flavoring” bans, because the additives were used for flavor or consistency.

You will need to be familiar with the laws to sell safely and without legal trouble.


White Labeling


If you haven’t heard of it before, white labelling is a service some wholesale manufacturers provide so you can take their product and brand it for your business. When people buy the product you’re offering, they and anyone who sees them use it will associate the product with your wholesale hemp products business and not the manufacturer.


Brick or online store


A wholesale hemp products business can take several forms.

You might already have either a brick-and-mortar store or an online store and be looking into adding wholesale hemp products opportunities as an add-on to what you already do.

Or you might want to go into wholesale hemp products business by itself.

If you’ll be doing this by itself, you will need to choose between a physical location and an online store. Both offer benefits and pose risks.




If you don’t have the money to finance your wholesale hemp products business yourself, be prepared for a little more difficulty than if you were looking to finance a business in a more established industry.

Most traditional banks are wary of offering loans, particularly larger loans, to businesses in the CBD oil industry. It is deemed too risky of an investment for them.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan. Not at all.

Some banks may be willing to give you a large loan. Even if not, you may still receive smaller loans from them, such as temporary “bridge” loans or ones for specific uses.

There are also private lenders who specialize in financing for the CBD industry. As private lenders rather than a bank, they can afford to take chances the bank may not.

Read our post on wholesale hemp products financing for more details.


Start small


The CBD industry is changing fast and while starting a wholesale hemp products business is an extremely good investment, you want to stay agile to navigate the waters successfully.

It’s very tempting to take a large chunk of cash, if you have or can get your hands on it, and stock up masses of bulk CBD oil, a building, and the works. This is riskier as you’ve got to carry through into making a profit on a larger investment. It will also be harder to get financed.

If you strategize and start small, you can make a solid foundation for yourself and grow into more as your business makes a profit. You’ll have less bulk CBD oil and investments to worry about should a loan fall through or some other hindrance up-end your plans and you can adjust to changes in this blossoming industry.


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