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Make Sure Your Bulk Hemp Oil Manufacturer Is The Right One


When you’re considering adding a line of CBD oil products, such as full spectrum CBD vape juices or balms for relief, you need to know your Bulk hemp oil manufacturer. You’re relying on their product and their service, after all. This post will cover selecting hemp or marijuana-based CBD oils, the source of the oil, growing practices, ingredients and terpenes, third-party lab tests, white labelling, customer service, and certifications.


Bulk Hemp Oil Wholesale or Marijuana


CBD oil can be made from hemp or marijuana, but there are differences that are very important.

CBD oil from hemp has so little THC that it is considered to be THC-free, 0.3%. CBD oil with this amount of THC is believed to have different health effects than CBD from marijuana with the full amount of THC. CBD oil from hemp is also legal in all 50 states.

CBD oil from marijuana is believed to have a faster and more potent effect, though these effects do not last as long and can cause adverse effects that CBD oil from hemp does not appear to cause. Many people can’t or won’t buy CBD oil made from marijuana.

This means that when you are selecting bulk Hemp oil products, you need to know which type of CBD oil your customer base will want and ensure you are purchasing CBD oil that will meet their needs.

The manufacturer should state and prove which plant they get their CBD oil from and how much THC is in each product. We’ll discuss those points in the rest of this post.


Bulk Hemp Oil Source

bulk cbd oil testing

Bulk Hemp oil manufacturers can acquire their CBD oil in multiple ways. Some grow their own hemp or marijuana and extract the oil themselves. Others buy hemp, marijuana, or extracted oil from someone else. Some manufacturers utilize a combination of the two.

Regardless of which method is used, you should be able to discover from the manufacturers where the hemp they use was grown. This is important because some countries have safer agricultural regulations than others.

The CO2 extraction method is the safest method of getting the oil from the hemp or marijuana plant. This is an important consideration when looking into where the company gets their oil, whether they grow the plant and extract the oil themselves or purchase the plant or oil from someone else.


Best Bulk Hemp Oil Growing methods


The best CBD oil will be made from hemp or marijuana that is organically grown, without chemical pesticides, and in soil free of contaminants. Hemp and marijuana need to grow to a certain point to produce high-quality, potent oil, and chemicals applied to the plant and in the soil can appear in the end product. Research the company for evidence that they don’t cut corners.




There is much more to a product than the active ingredient. Before including a product in your brand and offering it to customers, you should be mindful of the ingredients in the manufacturer’s products.

Ideally, every ingredient will be natural or have a crucial reason for being in there and be guaranteed safe.

Some manufacturers include ingredients in their products for taste, texture, and control, such as what has caused vape bans in full spectrum CBD vape products. These products are very popular and can be helpful to customers for health benefits, so you probably want to offer them. Just be careful when selecting full spectrum CBD vape products that they don’t contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or vitamin E acetate. These ingredients are not safe for inhalation and are the most likely cause of VAPI, vaping associated pulmonary illness.

It is very possible to enjoy vaping with nothing but CBD oil. If it must be flavored, natural, plant-based terpenes are a much safer option. Terpenes are natural components in plants that provide benefits, smells, and flavors. Select full spectrum CBD vape products without artificial flavorings, either unflavored or flavored with terpenes.




You don’t have to take the manufacturer’s word for most of these points. Reputable bulk Hemp oil manufacturers will provide third-party lab test results to prove with scientific accuracy and transparency, exactly what is and is not in an isolate or full spectrum CBD vape juice, oil tincture, gummy, lotion, or any CBD product.

Depending on the lab and tests chosen, you can have proof of how much cannabidiol, the ingredient known as CBD, is in the product, as well as other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. It will also reveal any toxic or unwanted substances, from the amount of THC in the product to pesticides, heavy metals, and vitamin E acetate.


White labeling


You might want to choose a bulk Hemp oil processor who offers white labelling so you can brand the products. When you carefully choose a selection of high-quality products, you want customers to associate them with your brand.


Customer service


You need quality customer service to ensure you have the products you purchase when you need them and that they are as expected. Should a problem occur and one or both of those things not be right, you need to be able to reach your bulk Hemp oil facility and receive considerate and effective service.




The following certifications can prove to you that the bulk Hemp oil manufacturer you are considering provides quality products and service.

cGMP, current Good Manufacturing Practice, is an FDA certification proving that the manufacturer runs a facility that upholds consistent safety and quality standards and that their practices are up to date with current expectations. The FDA looks into how the product is manufactured, the safety and cleanliness of the facility, and managerial practices that ensure safety and professionalism. bulk Hemp oil manufacturers are not required by law to have cGMP certification in order to sell their products, but the law does not consider them safe.

ISO certification, from the International Standards Organization, also provides proof of consistent, safe, and high-quality practices, but is not legally required before CBD can be sold.

A bulk Hemp oil company does have to be licensed by the state they operate in before they can legally sell products intended to be included in food or beverages.











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