How to Use Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil Safely

How to Use Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil Safely

Just a short time ago, using full spectrum CBD vape oil was gaining popularity and many people had either just taken it up or were thinking of doing so. As often happens when something experiences a big popularity boom such as full Spectrum CBD, the negative sides of it become apparent because of greater use and visibility. Vaping has experienced this because of lack of regulation and therefore unhealthy substances many manufacturers are using in their Full Spectrum CBD vape oils. This has become so serious it has led to vape bans on either flavorings or vaping in general across the US. But what if you still want to vape; for instance, if you wanted to use CBD vape oil as an alternative method to help with an ailment? 

Here are some tips to help you use full spectrum CBD vape oil as safely as possible.


Understanding The Danger Of Harmful Full Spectrum CBD

In order to vape safely, you have to first understand what you are avoiding. 

Vaping has been connected with a large number of cases of odd respiratory illness, particularly in young people with no other reason for breathing problems. The connection between these illnesses was vaping, either CBD vape oils or nicotine vape oils. There have been more than 1,000 of these instances, and the illness has even been given the name VAPI,  or vaping associated pulmonary illness.

Unhealthy chemicals either used to grow and “cut” the plants or added to the oil for taste, experience, and practicality from the connection between vaping and illness. 

CBD oil products and vaping of any kind are both new and largely unregulated industries, which means if you choose to use these products, you must select the manufacturers of your products very wisely.

Full Spectrum CBD All Natural Vape

Avoid Dangerous and Potentially Unhealthy Chemicals

The safest vape oil will be one with the fewest ingredients, the most natural ingredients, and an ingredients list that gives you the most detail about what is in your vape oil. 

“Natural flavoring” is better than artificial flavoring or known hazardous ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, but it is not as helpful to you as an actual name. Natural is not always safe and you may be allergic to the unnamed ingredient.

This is why some states have simply implemented a vape ban on the flavoring Full Spectrum CBD and Nicotine Vapes and not vaping in general, the ingredients added are the likely culprit. There is reason to believe several common ingredients are harmful, and their presence in products used by patients with VAPI is the common denominator.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are frequently used in vape oils to provide an enjoyable vaping experience and to control how much oil goes into each vape. Many people think they are safe because they are approved by the FDA for other uses, but eating a substance or slathering it on your skin isn’t the same as inhaling it. These ingredients are two of the most likely causes of VAPI.

Additional ingredients are not required to vape CBD oil. Avoid products containing propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

Vitamin E Acetate

Vitamin E acetate is also commonly used in vape oils to control the flow of the product. Like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, it is considered safe in other products but is not meant to be inhaled. It also may be a cause of VAPI.

It is not necessary. Vitamin E acetate should not be found in the ingredients list, and the company should state on their website that they don’t use it. Products can also be third-party tested to ensure there is no vitamin E acetate in the product.

Pesticides, Cutting Agents, and other Indirect Contributors

Some manufacturers of full spectrum CBD vape products use chemical pesticides on their plants. These pesticides can remain in the vape product and be a potential health hazard. 

Heavy metals and other toxins may be present in the soil the plant was grown in and end up in the final product.

Chemicals used to extract the oils from plants also make it into the final product.

Third-party lab testing usually checks for the presence of pesticides, cutting agents, heavy metals, and other potentially harmful substances that can wind up in CBD oils without being added to the final product. Findings will be itemized in the results, so you can see both what was tested, whether it was present, and how much was present of things desired or undesired.

What You Should Do

Research Full Spectrum Vape Companies

Research the manufacturer of any vape product you intend to purchase to ensure they provide third-party lab testing results and read the results. Also make sure they use the CO2 extraction method. Discover where they acquired their hemp or marijuana. They may grow it themselves or buy it from someone else, but either way it must be grown in a country with safe agricultural regulations and you should be made aware of that fact.

Choose Natural and Simple Full Spectrum CBD 

Natural and organic is usually safer than the alternatives. To be the safest, make sure the manufacturer discloses each ingredient by name. The fewer ingredients there are in the product, the more likely they will be safe and something you aren’t allergic to. As stated above, CBD oil does not require anything other than itself to be vaped. Natural hemp or plant-derived flavorings in the form of terpenes, when desired, are the safest flavoring options. If you want to avoid a flavor of any kind, unflavored versions of CBD oils are always available. 

Terpenes are compounds in plants that can provide a variety of benefits for the plant, but they also taste and smell good to humans, have nutritional properties, and may potentially help with various ailments. 

You can usually tell when a company has used terpene-based flavorings, not only by what they say, but by the names of their flavors. Strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, and more do not come from cannabis terpenes. Gelato, passionfruit, diesel, mint, and lemon do come from cannabis terpenes. You’ll quickly be able to recognize the long list of terpene-derived flavors on sight, as well as ones that aren’t. 

Use Moderation

If you’re vaping for recreational purposes, do so in moderation. Overdoing anything can have potential health risks.

If you’re vaping for potential health benefits, there are certain recommended dosages for each benefit, including the amount of CBD oil that should be in the vape juice and the frequency you would need to vape. Not following these recommendations could make the CBD oil both ineffective and potentially harmful.

Speak to Your Doctor

Full Spectrum CBD oil, whether vaped or not, is only recently being studied extensively. If you have health concerns you want to address or are afraid that the CBD vape oil may have a negative impact on an aspect of your health, it is wise to speak to your doctor for personalized guidance. It is quite possible to find doctors both willing and able to discuss potential benefits and risks of cannabidiol, the active compound in CBD oil, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and additional ingredients in a CBD oil product; they could tell you whether it seems like it would be beneficial to you and how much to use for your unique situation. 

Remember that CBD oil has not been widely approved by the FDA at this time, because it hasn’t undergone enough testing yet. It is considered an alternative treatment when used for health reasons. Your doctor will be discussing it as such. While user reports and scientific findings show promise, results cannot be guaranteed.


The safety of vaping has come under great scrutiny, even leading to vape bans, because a large number of people have developed respiratory illnesses with seemingly no other reason than that they all vaped. This is believed to be due to various harmful chemicals frequently used in vape products, including CBD vape oil, because the industry is largely unregulated. Some states have just placed a vape ban on the flavoring because they have discovered it is individual ingredients that caused the problem.

Some manufacturers make isolate and full spectrum CBD vape oil without these harmful chemicals. The risk would then be minimal, limited to simply using a product that hasn’t yet been approved by the FDA.

Choose the safest isolate or full spectrum CBD vape oil by researching the company, reading their third-party lab test results and checking how they acquire their hemp, how their CBD oil is extracted, and their ingredients lists. Remember it is also unwise to use anything in excess, and do follow recommendations of reputable people when using CBD oil as a natural remedy for an ailment. You can also contact your doctor for personalized advice.

DeluxeLeaf is a manufacturer of full spectrum CBD vape oil who does not include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, artificial flavoring, or vitamin E acetate in their products and relies only on cannabis oil and terpenes for both their oil base and flavorings. It is important to us to grow our hemp in the most organic way for the safest and most effective end-product. We also extract the oil in the safest possible method, the CO2 method. We grow our hemp ourselves in the United States.

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