Explore the Wide Range of Bulk CBD Products

Explore the Wide Range of Bulk CBD Products


The CBD industry is booming with new research, popularity, and a dizzying selection of bulk CBD products. Options include the more common CBD oil tinctures and vape juices as well as CBD cream for relief and skin conditions and more unexpected products such as edibles and beauty products. In this post, we’ll discuss the various kinds of CBD oil for sale and how to determine which ones are right for your business.


Navigate the Wide Range of CBD Oil Wholesale Products


CBD Tinctures Offer Control


CBD oil tinctures are one of the most common forms of CBD oil for sale. They can be used for almost any reason that people want to use CBD oil, and the ability to measure the dose in drops offers flexibility and control over the dose.

This can be very helpful when someone is finding the right dose for them, when they might want to use the CBD oil for various reasons or for multiple family members, or if they need a dose that is not represented by other products.

Whether you want to offer a small number or a wide variety of CBD products, oil tinctures should always be included because of their versatility.


CBD Vapes are Fun and Fast-Acting


People enjoy vaping, so this makes CBD vape juices an easy way to get in the habit of using CBD oil.

Inhaling the CBD oil, as one does with vaping, provides fast, though not as long-lasting results. This can be exactly what is needed for certain of the reasons people use CBD oil.

The dose can be varied a little by how many vapes are taken. Users will also choose the dose of the vape juice selected.

Millennials, young adults, and anyone likely to want to use CBD oil would appreciate you choosing high quality vape juices when selecting your line of CBD oil for sale. Just make sure to select a manufacturer who doesn’t use harmful chemicals or practices to produce their vape juices.


CBD Edibles are Fun and Easy


People love to eat, so combining CBD oil with snacks is a no-brainer for making CBD fun. People also love to make food. All this love means there are many, many kinds of bulk CBD edible products. Gummies are the most common edible form of CBD oil, but there are also chocolates, candies, cake pops, shots, brownies, and cookies. CBD oil can be added to ice creams and milkshakes. There are seemingly infinite options.

Edible bulk CBD products don’t offer much in the dose department. Customers select the product by the amount of CBD oil that’s in them, and might be able to vary a little by the amount of product that is ingested, and this is fine for people who don’t need flexibility. An average, consistent dose is fine for many uses and people.

Edibles are always an exciting addition to a line of CBD oil for sale, but they’d be particularly perfect for a business focusing on food, novelties and gifts, or occasions.


CBD Concentrates Are Cost-Effective and Pure


There are CBD concentrates that contain only CBD oil without any flavorings or carrier oils to make them easier to take, like oil tinctures have. This means users get more CBD per volume at a reduced cost, but they have to add it to food or drink if they don’t like the flavor, and hemp has a distinctive and strong taste.

CBD concentrates are measured in little beads, which offers a great deal of control over the dose.


CBD Capsules Look Like a Medication


CBD capsules are great for users who don’t need flexible dosing and want to keep their CBD usage both easy and discreet. If they don’t want to attract attention when using CBD oil around strangers or at work, no one has to know, because it looks just like any other capsule.

You might lean more toward capsules when choosing bulk CBD products if your target market is older, has a typical job, or will likely be primarily using CBD oil for chronic health problems such as epilepsy.


CBD Cream for Relief

CBD Oil Wholesale

CBD Oil Wholesale Cream for Pain

Topical CBD products like CBD cream for relief and lotion for skin conditions allow users to apply the potentially healing benefits of the lotion like lidocaine in combination with CBD. This means that if a person has arthritis, an injury, or a spot of inflamed skin, they can apply the topical directly to the area.

Manufacturers may combine active ingredients in their topicals to potentially provide more powerful results. Lotion may have multiple moisturizing or healing ingredients like CBD oil, coconut oil, and more, for instance. CBD cream for relief may combine other potentially relieving ingredients, like our CBD cream, triple strength CBD Freeze Gel, which contains CBD oil, menthol, and lidocaine.

That being said, lip balms, while applied topically, still impact the entire body as the lips and mouth absorb the product. This makes lip balms another discreet way to use CBD oil. People will just think the user is applying any lip balm.

Companies targeting older people, athletes, or someone who may have skin conditions and enjoy cannabis should show particular interest in CBD cream for relief and other topical bulk CBD products for skin conditions.


CBD Pet Products


Pets aren’t being left out of the CBD boom, and the array of bulk CBD pet products grows ever larger along with the rest. People can choose from oil tinctures, capsules, treats, and topicals for their pets, just like they would for themselves. As with people, CBD oil is gaining more support.

A separate line of pet products isn’t just cute. People shouldn’t give CBD oil products made for humans to their pets unless the pet’s vet has approved the dose and ingredients, because many human products contain ingredients not safe for pets or may be too large or small a dose for the animal.


Even more bulk CBD products


With such a vast, ever-growing selection of bulk CBD products, it becomes harder to lump them all into groups.

CBD toothpicks provide an active dose of CBD oil directly to the mouth in a discreet and environmentally-friendly way.

CBD oil has made it into the sexual health space, helping couples experience more frequent and enjoyable intimacy by adding lubrication and potentially offering other arousal and relaxation benefits.

There is a staggering number of CBD health and beauty products coming out, shampoos, makeup, aromatherapy, beard balms and washes, and bath bombs.


Financing For Hemp Oil Wholesale

If you are looking for hemp oil wholesale you are in luck.  Deluxe Leaf offers financing for not only hemp oil wholesale but also for CBD products and also for white labeling.  We have some of the top hemp oil wholesale in the industry at an affordable price.  Inquire with one of our sales reps to get not only the top quality full spectrum hemp oil wholesale but also get financing to scale your business.




We hope this list helps you plan your offerings of CBD oil for sale. You can determine which of the many bulk CBD products available will suit your customers’ needs and build a brand. For instance, an athletic apparel company might want to sell CBD cream for relief, as well as tinctures, edibles, and more. Build what you need for your unique business.



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