Buy CBD Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’re all very aware that there’s a pandemic threatening us. What you might not be aware of is that many people are flocking to buy CBD online, either because they don’t want to leave their homes, they are struggling to find the CBD oil they usually buy at a CBD store near them, a product of another kind they normally use has been panic hoarded, or the the pandemic is driving them to seek out alternatives for relief for the first time. This post will guide you if you want to join them.


What about buying from a CBD store near me?


You may be wondering, “Why can’t I buy from a CBD store near me?” You can. CBD stores are remaining open during the pandemic, and you can use our store locator to find a CBD store near you.

This is a great way to get the product the day you need it.

You can reduce your chances of spreading or contracting COVID-19 when visiting a CBD store near you by researching the products you’d like to buy and making a list of potential ones to buy before stopping in. You could also call before going in to ensure they have the product you want. This will limit the time you need to spend in the store.

Make sure to practice social distancing while in the parking lot and store.


Why buy CBD online during the pandemic?


When you buy CBD online, you have the entire internet to choose from and you don’t have to leave your home.

Then your only concern is safely receiving the package. Most people can probably get away with just washing their hands after opening the package. High-risk individuals and those with wounds on their hands may take the added precaution of having someone else open it, wearing a mask if they have to deal with the delivery person, or wearing gloves to protect the wounds.


How to buy CBD online

Young Lady Buying CBD Oil Online

If you’ve never purchased CBD oil before, we’ll walk you through how to buy CBD online.


Things to know


CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants, either marijuana or hemp. The C stands for cannabidiol, the primary beneficial substance in these plants.

Marijuana-derived CBD oil contains large amounts of THC which provides faster, potent, but short-lived and sometimes problematic results. It is illegal in many states to use CBD oil with THC.

Hemp-derived CBD oil contains such a tiny amount of THC that it is considered to contain no THC, 0.3%. This does not cause psychoactive effects, lasts a long time, and is legal in all 50 states.

Before you buy CBD online, be sure you are looking for the one you want, whether marijuana or hemp derived.

CBD oil shows promise from testimonials and scientific studies for being helpful with many ailments. It is probably said to help whatever’s ailing you. That’s probably why you’re reading this post, because you have a problem and found CBD oil listed as an excellent solution.

CBD has the potential to be so widely beneficial because of the endocannabinoid system we have in our bodies. Who knew? Scientists recently discovered it. This system is made up of receptors connected to most of our organs that create their own cannabinoids to maintain homeostasis. External cannabinoids like those from hemp and marijuana help balance and improve what our bodies are already doing.

While it is exciting that science has explained how CBD works, there haven’t been enough studies yet to prove how effective it is for different ailments or what dose would be effective. This is why the FDA hasn’t approved it yet.

CBD may provide benefits, but the results are not guaranteed.


Who to buy CBD online from


Because the CBD industry is very new, there aren’t many rules governing it and there are unscrupulous manufacturers selling unsafe or misleading products. You have to be careful to research the manufacturer before purchase.

Check where the manufacturer acquired their hemp. They might grow it themselves or purchase it or the oil from someone else. Either option is fine as long as you can be sure the hemp was grown in a country with safe agricultural regulations.

Be sure they use the CO2 extraction method. It retains the most amount of cannabidiol while not contaminating it with other substances.

Read the ingredients list for unnecessary substances. The smaller the number, the better. People are less likely to have included something unnecessary in a smaller number of ingredients. Research the ones that are on the list.

Make sure they provide you with third-party lab test results on their website for each of their products. This proves to you that the right amount of CBD oil is in there and that there aren’t other substances like heavy metals and toxins in there that you don’t want.

cGMP and ISO certification can prove to you that the manufacturer runs a safe facility that provides consistent results.


The fun part when you buy CBD online: the products

Buy CBD Online

There are so many CBD oil products available!

The most fun CBD oil option is edibles like gummies or chocolates. You select an edible you like and the dose of CBD oil it contains, and then usually take one or two once or twice a day as described on the packaging. The downside is that this doesn’t provide you a lot of control. If you need a dose the edible doesn’t provide or want to vary your dose for different ailments, you can’t.

Vaping is another fun option, and it delivers results fast. Vaping requires that you inhale the CBD oil and falls under the category of smoking, use caution as we are in the middle of a  pandemic for a respiratory disease going around.  You may want to use other CBD products for the time being.

CBD oil tinctures are one of the most popular options because they are so versatile. You can use them for anything, and you have maximum control over the dose. You just measure out exactly what you need by the number of drops. They come in flavored and unflavored varieties.

Topicals are excellent for localized or external issues to provide relief. You just slather the topical directly on the affected area. If people in your area have bought all the creams from all this handwashing and sanitizing, you can still get a product to meet your needs by buying a CBD oil lotion or balm.

While discussing hand sanitizing, Deluxe Leaf is offering a hemp hand sanitizer with aloe vera to keep your hands moisturized when you sanitize. Order it so you still have hand sanitizer during these days when it’s so hard to come by.


Questions when you buy CBD online


One of the main reasons people like to buy from a CBD store near them is because it’s personable and they can ask questions. This is particularly helpful when you’re new to CBD.

If the manufacturer prioritizes customer service, you can ask them questions while you buy CBD online just like you can in person.


Additional things to know before you buy CBD online


CBD and the coronavirus pandemic


During this pandemic, some people are spreading the idea that CBD oil can prevent or treat COVID-19 because it has antiviral properties. While there is some logic behind that, there is absolutely no proof to back it up so it would be dangerous to act on that theory. Please do not buy CBD online or in person with the intent to prevent or treat COVID-19 or make decisions based on thinking you are protected because you already use CBD.


Help everyone during the pandemic


When you buy CBD online during this pandemic, you might want to purchase a CBD oil tincture to cover the needs of everyone in your household. The control you can achieve over the does allows you to find the right dose for everyone and their needs. You may need to buy bottles in a larger and smaller dose if you intend to give the CBD to adults and to children. Read more about giving CBD oil to children here.




Depending on your ailment, there will be advice online on how much CBD oil to take to address it. These doses vary a great deal and can have opposite effects. For instance, if you want to use CBD oil to help you sleep or to give you energy, you will need to take different doses to achieve that effect. If you get it wrong, you might wind up energized when you want to sleep or sedated when you want more energy.

Age, weight, and overall health also determine your dose. You might need to use less or more than the average dose if you are very young, older, underweight, overweight, or have health issues.

If you want expert advice on whether CBD oil is right for your needs or how much to take before you buy CBD online, most doctors can and will discuss CBD oil with you. If yours won’t, you can target holistic doctors near you who specialize in natural healing.










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