If you’re here, it means you have been doing some research and you probably heard a story similar to ours. It goes some what like this: when everything else was failing to help us and our families, we had to find alternatives.

How Do We Do It?

We like to think that it’s quite simple: pour your heart, mind & soul into something, then make it extraordinary.

We began our journey with you in mind, and finished a formula that has the highest concentration of the 6 most powerful cannabinoids on the market (not just CBD, but also CBDa, CBN, CBG, CBC, and CBCa). The coming together of these cannabinoids is known as synergistic effect. This ensures our products deliver their full potential.

We are confident that ours is the perfect formula. Our products are 100% legal and put through rigorous testing to ensure that they work the way we claim they do. We keep it natural, so no foreign chemicals are added, and we keep it serious, so we control the entire process. From the moment the earth produces the plant to the second our packaging is sealed, the goods are under our watch.